Hello, we're SIT DOWN!

Sit down is an exclusive creative agency to build your brands as big as your dreams.

Sitdown is a unique design company focussed on providing a complete array of synergized services. We are Passionate about Brand Management, Brand strategy, Social Media Marketing, Packaging Design, Digital Presence, Retail E-commerce, and Brand Positioning. We are motivated and driven to perform and provide the best digital platform for all our clients.


V-kill is a disinfectant Brand, based out of Dubai.
Dealing in the product category of disinfectant spray. They approached us to differentiate them in a crowded market space and give a fresh look for an amazing new branding and packaging concept.

Nepal Tourism

Far Western Nepal described as Mini Switzerland by
the Government of Nepal is one of the most scenic and
untouched natural landscapes in the world. They approached us
for creating their tourism campaign, video shoot, and print collateral
to attract tourists from all over the globe.

Himal Dental

One of the leading Dental Hospital chains of Nepal wanted a complete
Re-Branding to create an impact on the digital platform and connect with a new generation of customers.
The objective of this rebranding and social media marketing campaign is to attract domestic and foreign clientele for the organization.

Peacock Fashion Show

A Dubai based fashion company wanted us
to create their branding and campaign for an event.
They wanted a blend of indigenous and western
elements in their design layout. A modern design with a twist
showcasing class and elegance. Our team
creatively provided them with their logo, business & outdoor brand collaterals.


Unwind a campaign designed to provide a platform to the employees internally to escape from the everyday monotonous regime.
Giving them an opportunity to unlock their full potential and increase productivity through, out of the box thinking and ideation.
Thereby giving us a platform to creatively provide their logo and event branding for the same.


An education company with a completely different outlook
on education approached us for their logo, brand management,
website design, and social media marketing campaign. The current education system does not
provide children with the necessary professional skills.
This is what upskiller has decided to change.