About Us

Sitdown is a unique design company focused on providing a complete array of synergized services. We are passionate about Brand Management, Brand strategy, Social Media Marketing, Packaging Design, Digital Presence, Retail E-commerce, and Brand Positioning. We are motivated and driven to perform and provide the best digital platform for all our clients. 


The first step of any great journey is to ‘Sitdown’ and collaborate together. To align our thoughts to reach the destination. We provide a meticulous insight, for the clear delivery of the brand’s message to consumers.


The design of the branding project is curated with the utmost care, taking into consideration every requirement, input, report & study. This enables a tailored bespoke design.


We break free from the clutter. There is a ton of competition in every vertical in the market, it is imperative to create an indelible impact on the target audience. Powered by various digital platforms like Targeted Advertising, Social Media, Mobile, etc. selecting the most appropriate vehicles of delivery to achieve brand admiration.


let’s take the brand from the shelves to the web. Enable brands to exceed their growth targets in all respects. Our clients range from tiny startups to global brands. Whether it is reinventing an established brand or spearheading a new one, we are equipped.